Fluxx The Card Game…


Fluxx is a card game far removed from the heavy theme board games I normally get excited over, but after seeing it played on the tabletop show I thought I’d give it a go as it would be nice to have something to play which didn’t involve any setting up and tear down. I also thought it might be something my board game wary husband might actually like–and a gateway game to some other card games I want to play like Coup and Love Letter. Sneaky.

Fluxx is a simple game which becomes tricksier as you play. Each player draws 3 cards for their upwind hand and, by the basic rules, can draw 1 card and play 1 card. There are 4 types of cards ‘keeper cards’, which are pictures; ‘goal cards’ which set which keepers are required to be played to win; ‘action cards’ which enable you to do different things other than drawing and playing cards; and ‘new rule cards’ which change the draw, play and hand limits.

Fluxx is a game where the rules and how you can win can change with every hand. It seemed a crazy idea, and I expected a game heavy in randomness and light on tactics, but there are schemes there, although you’ll find yourself changing them every couple of hands. You’ll find yourself stealing cards, trading hands, playing rock paper scissors, getting bonuses if it’s your birthday, and getting bonuses for being card poor or card rich.

A typical game can last anywhere between 10 and 20 minutes, but you’ll definitely want to play again. It’s one of the best games I’ve bought for its accessibility and for being so replayable. I’m sure it’ll hit the table a lot as a good bit of light fun, which I think vanilla occasional mainstream board gamers will take to and then wonder why they’d never heard of it before. This will be a great game to take for some downtime at conventions. Go buy and play and drive each other nuts with this game of ever changing rules and victory conditions!


What do you think?

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