Reflecting on December (2015)…

FB Square PackPresents. Family. Time off. More board games than a 3# year old man child has any reason playing. Food. More food, and still food to be eaten. Christmas has been and gone and been a great time, and I’ve done sweet FA in the writing department. Well, okay, I guess I’ve written two articles about coping with Christmas and New Years, which are now up at Buzz Feed in the community section in the hope of a little traffic for my self-help title, but nothing else. Always grateful for some likes and shares for those articles btw…

With ‘The Pack’ done and released that’s everything re-edited and re-released. It’s a relief it’s all done and out there. I switched back to the KDP program at Amazon and I’m charging £1.99/$2.99 for my novels. Sales were low and steady at 99p/99c but the royalty was depressing. I’ve spent a lot of time and money on my writing, and I just figured I should be valuing that more. So… sales immediately flat-lined. That’ll teach me. Instead of being daily I had a week of no sales, and then it started to pick back up again. One or two every other day, or couple of days, with the occasional spike. To be honest though, the royalty is better, so I think I’ll promote promote promote and see what happens from there. Oh, and for those who followed the issues I had with ‘Ivory’ on Amazon, I changed the price and they didn’t challenge my publishing rights, so I’m hopeful that any note that had been against me is now settled. Thankfully.

December was a good month. Work is ticking over. I’ve managed to save for the redundancy I worry about from year to year (local government employee under austerity–so thanks for that if you voted conservative or didn’t vote at all *slow hand clap*). I’ve not been studying much for my AAT, but I’m self-study so I’ll get back to it in the New Year. I’ve been taking time-out, which I’ve said I’m not very good at doing–well I’ve spent hours just watching dumb you tube videos and playing board games with my wife, so I have this chilling out thing nailed right now. Oh, and I’m loving the board games ‘Pandemic’, ‘Star Trek Catan’ and ‘Legendary Deck Building: Alien’–good stuff! I had a great time at the Barbican watching the London Concert Orchestra perform ‘Star Wars and Beyond’ last night–‘Star Wars’, ‘Battelstar Galactica’, ‘Star Trek’ and even ‘Thunderbirds’. The Battlestar score gave me geekbumps. Great hearing those tunes live. The hours are also counting down to me seeing ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ for a second time (I know–only the second. What an amateur). So, all has been good this December. I hope you had a great Christmas, have a nice New Year, and 2016 is all you want it to be.


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