Reflecting on January (2016)…

Ivory Killed2Okay, first month of a new year, and I have to say it’s been a pretty good start. It’s going to be a year without much in the way of writing. I have to focus on my self-studying for accounting. I could divide my time, but I would rather get through my studies and then focus on my writing. But, writing isn’t just punching my imagination into a computer through a keyboard–as I have wanged on about before in previous posts–it’s about researching for new projects and promoting the finished ones.

The first week of January I found some links on The Indie View website and made contact with reviewers through The Truth About Books, The Swanky Bibliophiles and the Bargain Book Reviews and pushed ‘Ivory’ their way. Ashley Fae from The Truth About Books got in touch within a week despite her heavy workload and has agreed to review it. Hopefully I will hear from the others too.

On a personal note, I’m getting used to this ‘not pushing myself too much’ business. I’m balancing out studying with chilling out and taking more time to play. Work has been easier, which has helped. There was a moment when things looked a bit bleak as my department went under consultation, but thankfully my post isn’t under threat this time around. That’s two consultations I’ve survived now. Maybe just for another year, but it’s another year. Phew. I’ve been riding to work too, which has made me feel pretty good too. I’m getting my exercise on the way to work, so no more working out at home to prevent the middle-age sag and I get more time to myself. Plus I’m pretty sure I look like this:

Okay… Maybe at times I’m more like:

However I look, and whatever my riding skill will become like, I’m looking forward to the ride every day, which is nice for me.

On the geek front… On the box ‘Doctor Who’ has been dire, ‘Jessica Jones’ dull, ‘American Horror Story’ is kind of okay, ‘The Strain’ has been pretty good, ‘Bleach’ was good fun, ‘Blue Exorcist’ is looking good, and I’m enjoying a run through of ‘The X-Files’ prior to the return of Mulder and Scully–which I can’t wait for! I’ve been playing lots of games–‘Sushi Go’, ‘Fluxx’ and ‘Legendary Encounters: Alien’, card game; ‘Pandemic’, ‘Eldritch Horror’, ‘Star Trek Catan’, ‘Star Wars X-Wing’ and ‘Star Wars Armada’ board games. I’ll be posting about some of those soon. The highlight of all this game playing though has not been the games but when my other half uttering the words ‘I think I prefer table top gaming to computer games now’. It was a Tuesday. Tea time. I was cooking dinner. The words will stay with me. He’s finally succumbed. Mwahahahaha!

There’s plenty to look forward to from now on too. We’ve booked our holiday to Vegas for the Star Trek 50th anniversary convention, and we’ve just heard that John Barrowman, Colton Haynes and Stephen Amell are now coming to The City of Heroes 2 convention, which is great. Can’t wait to see John Barrowman in lewd form, and the so-pretty it hurts Colton Haynes. Plus we have London Comic Con and Star Wars Celebration to0. There might be some cosplay dressing up… The things I do for my inner child.


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