Star Wars: Rogue One Trailer…

I felt a great disturbance in the force, as if millions of geeks cried out and were suddenly silenced…

Because this trailer was dropped on them.

Wow. I will admit I was cynical at there being more Star Wars movies after the prequels. I felt the hype for the prequels, and I enjoyed them, but as the Star Wars fix they offered wore off I began to lose the love for them. ‘The Force Awakens’, in many¬†respects was cautious in bringing Star Wars back in a familiar story format,¬†and while many have criticised this, I’m fine with it–the original trilogy did it, after all, with it featuring two Deathstar attacks. The plot, the look, and the tone of ‘The Force Awakens’ all feel like a continuation and a progression of the originals I grew up with–there’s no stretching of the imagination in linking the original trilogy with Star Wars VII, and thankfully no plot holes created by this new installment.

Even after Star Wars VII I wasn’t sure about the idea of stand-alone movies, but this trailer taps into the nostalgia for the originals like no other Star Wars film since–well, the originals. The imagery of the original costumes, locations and ships, even down to that Deathstar klaxon used as an ‘Inception’ parp. Just awesome. I can not wait for this movie.


What do you think?

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