Reflecting on March (2016)…

Another month without any writing. I’m studying hard though, as the quicker I get through it, the quicker I can get back to writing. In the meantime, I have been piecing together a story blurb and a stand-in cover for a project I want to get to. I was thinking I could share elements of it through this here blog of words, and maybe get some feedback. I’m thinking of offering some incentives if any of your feedback informs character perspectives through thank yous in the book when it is actually a book, and not just ideas being lashed together in my head, or even name drops in the narrative itself. I’ll be sharing information about the general plot, the world, and the characters, and I’ll be wanting to know how you think people should handle plot events, the plot events you would like to see for characters, and how you think things should pan out. This isn’t me being short of ideas, I just thought it would be call to have some of you share in the creation of a book, and I’ll draw the line at actually getting you to write it for me. Although… I will be sharing some first drafts of chapters and tasters of scenes when I actually get around to writing them. I’ll also be sharing mock up covers to see which one you think is better. Watch out for posts about ‘Sigils’. Intrigued? Please, be intrigued.

There was an interesting writery kind of result from the UK budget announcement. Look at me–being a bit adult. There is a new tax allowance for money earned from the sharing economy–ebay, etsy and general e-trading and doing odd jobs–you can earn up to a £1000 tax free. Which means that while your writing isn’t basking in the interest and reviews of readers, you at least don’t have to fill out a tax return. Quite a result for those of us who don’t have a Panamanian tax haven.

On a personal note, March can do one. It’s been all study as I have booked exams coming up, with a dash of getting another fudging maintenance bill for our flat. £1200. Anyone would think we live in a listed building or something. In the last couple of years we’ve paid out about £8000 on works which needed to be done on the building as a whole. None of which actually relate to our flat. The joys of communal cost sharing I guess. This doesn’t do my constant anxiety about job security any good, as I just imagine having lost my job through austerity cuts and having a lower paid job and trying to deal with unexpected bills like that. Thankfully, to combat the blues I’ve had ‘X-wing’. My plastic crack addiction of table-top Star Wars fun. Granted, I have been flying with the grace of a demolition derby and the dice hate me, but gaming has been a nice break from my work/study life. With two exams booked for April, and only 4 more needed after that, it can only get better. Bring on the freedom! I hope March was good to you, and if it was then April shares some of that goodness with me.


What do you think?

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