Reflecting on April (2016)… ‘Sigils’ # 1 What do you want from romance?

I have been thinking a lot about my upcoming project ‘Sigils’. Which I want you to be a part of. More details to come. I have decided I want there to be a bit of a love thing going on through it. Although most of my work features relationships of some sort, I really want the reader of this supernatural tale to be invested in the relationship between the two main characters as well as the main mystery. It just happened in ‘Harvest’ between Craig and Kelly, and in ‘The Pack’, well, I kind of used a relationship to define a character (bad, I know), and I came close to romance with ‘The Room’ I guess, but I want this to be more about falling in love, rather than a denied relationship being acknowledged. That’s quite a step for me, as I remember approaching reading a romance novel with a ‘what the hell am I doing reading this’, as though it was beyond me as a man. And I thought I was above such thoughts. Then I found myself grinning like a soppy loon, when amidst all the supernatural action the guy got the guy.

Now, I know what I want from romance in life–tea, cake, a fun fumble and a game of X-wing… But I’ve never really thought what I want from a romance story in the same way I know what I want from a horror or supernatural mystery. There are plenty of tropes: trust to misunderstanding back to trust again, forced relationship, best friend to lover, hate to love, forbidden love, loving beyond boundaries, love triangle. So, as I want you guys on board in shaping this project, I thought I would throw it open to you–what do you want from romance in your books? Do you like tropes? Do you have a favourite? What do you hate? Does the word ‘romance’ challenge you as it once did me–and why? Hell, I wanna hear from you if you don’t think romance should be up and centre with the mystery in supernatural horror books.

Comment below, or pop by on Facebook.

On a personal note… April was better than March. It was my birthday and I was spoilt. I have managed to get 2 exams done, so I’m a third of the way through my fun stopping course. I didn’t get any unexpected bills, and I was actually able to spend some money. What’s more, I got to spend money I earned through selling books. I’m a long way from breaking even with my writing due to the editing costs, but it felt nice spending the money. Plus it’s a bank holiday weekend here, and I’m taking a time out of studying to chill out. We’re fast approaching a busy time with conventions galore coming up. There will be some costume making too. Getting my geek on!

I hope April has been good to you, and I look forward to hearing from you about your ideas of romance. Boom chika bow wow. Okay. I should have stopped a line earlier…


What do you think?

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