Reflecting on February…(2017) A new look for ‘The Darkwood Mysteries’…

BEHIND THE WRITING DESK_optFebruary has all been about photoshop. So, after some drawings, downloads, and lots and lots of mouse clicks and drags, I have tweaked and changed all the covers for ‘The Darkwood Mysteries’ and created a new logo. Being the perfectionist I am, I’m not a 100% happy with them, but I think they are an improvement on the previous covers. I like the boldness and the simplicity of the new look. I think they read better, but I’m not sure the silver leaf effect works well on the images at the centre of each cover if there’s too much detail in them. Especially so as a thumbnail–although I guess there aren’t too many covers which do actually work at thumbnail size.

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March will be updating the blurb for series, then uploading all the changes to the market places, and making the website for the series just a page on my regular author site, with matching look. Again, this is part of me trying to consolidate all my work just under my name. I’m not getting a lot of traffic anywhere because of the lack of promotion on my part, so I’m trying to focus my presence for when I do get around to doing it. It’ll be ‘look at me’, instead  of ‘look at that over there!’ and ‘look at this here!’, ‘oh, and this too!’. My self-help book will be next for this spring clean treatment.

On a personal note, motivation is a little lacking for ‘The Darksood Mysteries’. I love it, don’t get me wrong–and I can’t wait to finish off the second series and get those stories out (after long last!)–but sales have dropped off generally for all my work, and the downloads of this series have never really contributed to what sales I have achieved. It’s just hard to stay motivated in doing all this supporting work for something that isn’t getting seen, downloaded or read. But, I do want ‘The Darksood Mysteries’ to look its best, so when inspiration for a new look comes to me, I have to do something about it. I just need to remind myself, that my writing has always been a hobby and I know I’ll love writing for Darkwood and Hobbs again when I get back to them. I’ve missed their company. And–ever the optimist–just because the series isn’t getting any attention now, it doesn’t mean it won’t in the future. So, it’s all work worth doing.

What do you think?

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