Star Wars Armada Imperial Repaints…

BEYOND THE WRITING DESK_opt (1)Having bought the heck out of Fantasy Flight Games’ X-wing, the epic scale hinted at the awesomeness of playing a game with capital ships. Then ‘Star Wars: Armada’ was announced and the circle was complete. Armada is a great game with great miniatures. But I found the lack of the titular ‘armada’ disturbing and the paint job of the Imperial ships displeasing. They’re as grey and drab as they are weathered looking–not the bold gleaming ships of the movies. While the first criticism of the game can be overcome by increasing the point limit, the ships involved more consideration. I think I was in my teens when I last painted a miniature. I was only a learner–and certainly not a master. I’m also a perfectionist, so if I I failed me I would not be as forgiving as I might need to be for my 40 year old hands. I didn’t want the Empire’s prize ruined. Dare I repaint them? If they could be turned, they could look like the powerful playing pieces they should be. Seeing the bright white star destroyer in the trailer for ‘Rogue One’ was a new way to motivate me, and I decided I would deal with them myself…

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First off I airbrushed them with a white acrylic paint. They instantly looked the part. The miniatures are so detailed that lighting did the rest, but they looked a bit flat. My partner suggested they would look better if I weathered and detailed them. I did not share his optimistic appraisal of the situation. I had altered them, but dare I alter them further? Turns out that a basecoat is insignificant compared to the power of detailing and a wash. I used a very light grey acrylic for paneling and a MIG neutral wash for the surface panel lines and dark wash for the edges. Seeing them covered in wash was disturbing, but scrubbing them with thinners took of the surface coat of wash and left all the details picked out. Then it was a soft yellow acrylic paint wash for the docking bays, and a cocktail stick to create some lights. It took forever to do my whole fleet (only one of each type are pictured above–I have multiples of most of them *issues*) and I was most displeased with my lack of progress as painting time cut into gaming time–which is already precious spare time. They’re not perfect, but I have learnt not to underestimate the power of a paint job and the armada is now back in my hands–a day that will be long remembered. It has not improved my ability to play the game though, as I recreate the ‘Rogue One’ all by myself without any need for a hammerhead corvette… Ah, well. They look pretty while they’re on the board…


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