Coping With X-Wing 2.0 Adjustment Disorder…

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I’m really excited with the recent announcement by Fantasy Flight Game (FFG) of X-Wing 2.0. I’m hoping it’s going to fix what needs fixing and clean up what has gone from a streamlined quick play game to a bloated game requiring regular rule checks. Reading all the news though, I found that many people have suddenly found themselves feeling anxious, angry and upset. X-Wing Adjustment Disorder (X-WAD). There’s even been some self-harm by spikey Tie-Interceptor, and others who have pitched themselves back into the age-old mystery of trying to understand the point of crit tokens. I find fandom generally is so toxic these days, like any change is intolerable, and the toxicity of fandom has become so much easier to voice thanks to the Internet of outrage as it seems to have become. So I thought I would toss out some positivity for a game I love… and as a trained therapist and author of the self-help book, ‘Get Over It’, I can’t just sit here with all the XWAD suffering I’ve witnessed on social media, so after the mad Tusken Raider and hyper-jump below I’m wading into the despair to triage the most common cries of anguish…

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FFG are a bunch of crooks…
They have made something they know you’ll want and need and they’ll give it to you if you pay them. That’s been the arrangement between you all along. That’s not theft, it’s just capitalism. They’ve made a business decision that will hopefully make X-wing sustainable.

But it’s a marketing ploy, X-Wing 1.0 wasn’t broken, why fix it?
That’s your opinion, but other, perhaps less vocal people, have different ones–that the game had become bloated, with errata making it tough for regular players to keep up with, and with rule changes and internet updates without amended cards to bring to the table it’s hard for new players to step into the game. Plus power creep has made pilots and even models useless, even removing the titular ship from the game, and creating a game of expanded universe ships on the table which are only evocative of Star Wars for the hard core fans. Fixes and patches have cluttered the table top with cards and tokens. Plus the business model of upgrades distributed in different faction packs made it tough for one faction flyers wanting the advantages of new tricks. They have needed this change to keep casual gamers and bring new gamers to the hobby.

What about the original players, huh?
You still have 1.0… FFG aren’t taking that game or the collection away from you. You can still play 1.0 and enjoy it–if you’ll let yourself. Local game shops will probably run 1.0 games for a while to come yet–long enough for you to get a ‘1.0 forever’ club together to keep on flying. Yes, new stuff won’t be compatible, but there’s more than enough 1.0 out. So much so that it’s felt like X-wing is getting close to running out of recognisable ships. You love the game now, but even you may have left 1.0 for another game at some point. X-wing needs to be constantly attracting new gamers. Feel bad? Find someone who played West End games’ Star Wars miniature battles or Star Warriors–dead OOP games that hardly anyone plays now.

They’re changing and ruining my game…
Just because you really like something doesn’t mean it can’t change. Everything changes. Change is part of life. X-wing in its current format was already going a bit stale for some. Technically, you still own X-wing and can play it as you were before it was called 1.0, and while you own the game and it’s add-ons you don’t own the rights to the game. FFG can do what they want with it. Thankfully they’re choosing to refresh it instead of ending it.

FFG are forcing me to spend nearly £1000 to play a game I already own…
Change can be tough, but no one is ‘forcing’ or ‘making’ you spend money. Yes, it sucks that there’s a cost to keep up, but there have been plenty of attempts at fix and patch releases with some mixed results, and they’ve cost us. Again, it’s capitalism–but it’s also trying to balance the game. You can choose how much you spend.

But to play everything I own, I’ll need to buy several of each conversion kits…
Only if you want to play with every faction and every single model you own from day one. You’ve built your collection up over five years and I bet plenty of your ships have had their time in the limelight only to be benched when something new comes out or a fix makes it unworkable. Spare a thought for the Tie-Phantom, I hear it turned to turning tricks just for the attention after turrets took over the game. You could just pick a faction to play the new rules with, enjoy learning what works again–perhaps enjoy some models 1.0 left behind–and then when you want another challenge or just a change, buy another conversion kit, or just individual ship card stuff on the inevitable secondary e-bay market. Pace yourself.

But I already have Armada, Legion, Destiny and the LCG, I can’t afford it all…
The world is full of shiny things that we want. Sounds like you need to learn that we can’t have everything, but can enjoy what we have. We all have to live within our means unless we want to struggle and leave ourselves vulnerable financially.

I’m not paying out for cardboard! I’ll sell all my 1.0 and buy into it afresh with the new models…
O-kay, now that makes no sense. Now, that will cost you a lot more than all the conversion kits.

But my s-foils won’t move!
No, they won’t. Oh, the shame. I don’t think I’ve moved my Lambda shuttle or Tie Striker wings in game. Ever.

I don’t want to have a game run by an app, it’s not a computer game…
X-wing has needed a reliable and sustainable squadron builder for some time to tame what has become a sprawling game. I’m a casual gamer, I don’t want to be sitting down with hundreds of cards to throw a squad together for a quick game. An app will make that much more convenient, the quick play physical cards will make it even easier.

What if FFG ends X-wing and doesn’t maintain the app? We won’t be able to play it…
There are ancient computer games preserved online. Come on, you’re forgetting about the fans–the ones focussed on their love of the game. Fans have despecialised the original trilogy, they might make sure an app is preserved even if FFG doesn’t.

The force?! Huh, it’s X-wing, not Jedi-wing. This game doesn’t need the force…
Eh, Luke did. It’s only certain pilots. Come, on, could be a fun new mechanic, and a force powered manoeuvre could feel really evocative of Star Wars. I’m sure you’ll like it of you win with it…

Nah, I’m out! Bye!!!
That’s a shame you’re choosing to leave a game you’re so passionate about. If you’re announcing you’re quitting the game in the hope it’ll change FFG’s mind, it won’t, they aren’t going to do a U-turn on something this big, which will have taken time, money and big balls to do. They’ll be sustained by the new players drawn in by a fresh open and accessible platform. Plenty of people will have left the game without announcing it and X-wing is still here. Why not stay, play some 1.0 and try out some 2.0. You might like it.

If you know anyone affected by X-WAD then be sympathetic and offer support, play a game of 1.0 with them, but if they really don’t want to play anymore… Then just ask to buy their shit for a really cheeky price, I mean it’s pretty much ‘worthless’ now, right?

Personally, I can’t wait to play X-wing 2.0! I just wish there wasn’t all this negativity and entitlement in fandom these days.


What do you think?

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