Moving, Game of Thrones, Chambers, and Reading…

After 10 months of a mix of no interest, false hope and disappointment we’ve finally got a buyer for our flat, and the end of selling is in sight. Our anxious cat, Dean, who hid from every viewer can finally go back to regular anxiety levels. Same for me too, I guess. It happened about a month after we’d found somewhere we liked, so the timing was good. It’s a bittersweet move, as I really like our flat and love the area, but we want different things from our home now and we’d need to take on more mortgage to stay in our current area in a different property, which I really don’t want to do. So, off we have to go. It’s a really nice house though, old but all done up as new, so hopefully it’ll be low maintenance. We’ll just need to make sure we come back to this area to enjoy all the food and the surroundings. It will hit my finances a little, so the writing budget will be zero for a while, which stalls my big motivational push of my self-publishing. Thankfully actual writing is free so I can keep plugging away until I have a self-publishing budget.

Game of Thrones
Just wow. I’m loving this series. I’ll admit I’m not loving how short it is in episodes, but it makes up for it in episode length and pace, and the action and imagery has been epic. I was surprised that the Battle for Winterfell ended the White Walker story so soon, but with so much to tie up I guess it had to end around that time to pick up the pieces and decide the world. There seems to be a lot of criticism, for the way the White Walkers were ended, sidelining Jon as the hero; and for Daenerys going full on mad Queen; and Jamie and Cersei’s end.

For me Daenerys had been a troubling character for some time as her motivation has always been revenge and power–entitlement does not make an appealing character. If anything, her fall a little predictable what with all the foreshadowing, so not sure I understand the criticism. One of the things I’ve enjoyed in GOT is the subversion of expectations, which has always been key for it’s rug pull moments, so Arya being the slayer of the Night King is fine by me–I just wished she had used her faces talent to do it. The death of Jamie and Cersei was satisfying, but, I would really have liked Cersei’s end to have been at the hands of Arya wearing Jamie’s face. That would have been perfect payback for Cersei. But predictable maybe? The fact Arya was mature enough to give up on her narrow focus of personal revenge was nice as it was quite clear Cersei was not going to avoid a fiery death–or a castle falling on her as it turned out. I don’t envy a story with so many varied hopes and expectations resting upon it–which I think is the main issue the fans are having. If it had ticked off all the varied face-offs and endings just as the majority wanted, then it would likely have been written off as predictable.

The only things that disappointed me was the lack of meaningful deaths at the Battle of Winterfell–such an epic against all odds battle really needed to have more of an impact and a higher death count. I was ready for GOT trauma! And Daenerys’ dragon attack on the iron fleet and King’s Landing without any screen injuries to the dragon seemed a little against the odds considering how vulnerable the dragons have been previously. I guess once she got in close by flying in from the sun Daenerys’ dragon was already too close and too fast to target. Mind you, considering the trauma I experience when the animals of GOT get injured or killed I’m kind of glad I was spared that!

When I eventually wrap up ‘The Darkwood Mysteries’ I hope I have as many great characters and plot threads to follow–and can balance meeting expectations, delivering the shocks, and keeping my characters true. There are plans for an epic end… But not for quite some time.

I didn’t know what to expect from this Netflix show–the trailer for Chambers was bizarre and unsettling. Enjoyably, the show certainly followed suit. If you haven’t seen it, it’s about a high school girl having a heart attack and receiving a heart transplant. She starts to experience an affinity with the deceased donor, and the story of her death doesn’t add up–mix in an unhealthy relationship with the donor’s family, and something sinister and seemingly supernatural being involved it’s been a really enjoyable show. It reminds me of Twin Peaks for the unsettling undercurrent running through all the episodes. I have no idea how it’s going to end and hope it’s a stand alone so I’m not left with too many unexplained events. It’s really getting me in the mood to write my next contemporary horror novel.

Creative Penn
Since listening to this podcast kick-started my motivation towards pushing my writing as a business, I have been binge listening to this show. First I selectively picked episodes I thought would be good, but after listening to a couple outside my interests I realised nuggets of motivation and inspiration could lurk in any episodes. It’s great listening to this interesting insight into all the different aspects of writing, from the actual crafting of stories and characters, to all the different mediums and approaches available to us self-publishers–and of course the potential for success. Jennifer Penn is light, breezy and fun in her presentation so it’s never dry and always engaging. If you write, you need her and her show in your life. I’ve read one of her books on writing and already plan on buying more so I have handy references.

After finishing an interesting–if VERY long book on Queen Victoria–I have been reading around recently. It’s good to get back to some fiction. I’ve read ‘Asbo’ by Iain Rob Wright, ‘Crone’ by Jeannie Witcherly, ‘The Mark’ by Lee Mountford, and have ‘False Memory’ by Dean Koontz lined up next. I’ve enjoyed all of them so far, and I’ve been impressed by the tight writing style of some of them. Relatively short books that fly by, but have substance and impact. I’m looking forward to trying to make my writing more concise on my contemporary horror novels in the future.

Anyway, that’s been my May so far. Who do you want to end up on the possible melted throne in a destroyed city? What book have you got on the go?

What do you think?

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