A Haunted House & the ‘Dear David’ Haunting…


The Haunted House We Nearly Bought

In the midst of buying our next property the survey threw up some issues we thought might cause us to change our minds. Thankfully it all worked out. But, had this fallen through we were worried about the limited choices of properties on the market at the time, and the risk of our buyers getting impatient waiting for us to find something else–it’s taken us a while to get buyers. One of the only other houses which ticked a lot of boxes for us was a large three bed house.

Now, I used to be really into the paranormal as a kid and was a pretty big ‘spooky Mulder believer’, but as an adult I’ve become a doubting ‘raised eyebrow Scully’. Saying that, there was something decidedly ‘off’ about this potential second choice property… If a house could be haunted this would be it. I had a weird feeling about the house, and my husband–who is even more firmly rooted in the sceptic–agreed. It got me thinking about that weird sense you can have about a place. I remember going to see a property with my mum one of the times she was looking, and we both came out of it citing a bad vibe, and then as we talked we realised we had both felt it in one room–the dining room. It just felt unwelcoming. It was similar with this house.

Although every room was large and had windows, the windows in the backrooms were single windows and throttled the light, and part of the building that extended out sheltered some of the windows for the rest of the property. The way the property extended into the garden caused the house to feel detached from the garden and the outside in general, and with large bays looking out to the street they would likely need to be obscured much of the time to avoid feeling on show–adding to that sense of detachment. With the kitchen in an extension from the house it created a long shadowy paneled hall between the house and the kitchen, causing it to felt detached from the rest of the house too. As it was a three bedroom house, there would be one bedroom which would largely only be for the cats–yeah, I know how that sounds, but who wants litter trays in the rooms the people of the house use–anyway, the thought of this empty gloomy room in the middle of the house was unsettling.

It seemed every room was shadowy and set apart from the rest of the rooms and the outside. I could imagine chilling in a room on my own and feeling quite isolated and claustrophobic. It’s curious how the architecture, layout, and the disconnect from direct light and the outside can create such unease. Not helped by us seeing the property as it was previously before it was flipped, as it was clearly owned by an old person, who must have lived in it until they died–and I’m betting they died in the house. The weird thing is our current home has mainly frosted windows and I’ve never had a ‘spooky’ feeling here… I’ll have to remember the feelings this house created for when I get back to writing a haunted house story because I’m not about to buy a haunted feeling house just for inspiration…

The Creepy Story of the ‘Dear David’ Haunting…

Despite being a big old sceptic, I still love stories of the paranormal and the supernatural and watch lots of YouTube videos about ghosts and legendary monsters. I want to believe, I guess. Writing of having a haunted house for inspiration it reminded me of a guy in the US who claims to have been experiencing a haunting of his own in his apartment. The great thing about modern technology and the Internet is that these occurrences can get recorded and shared so much easily–of course, it’s much easier to hoax these things too. Whether you’re a big old sceptic like me or a believer in the paranormal, you’ll certainly find some chilling entertainment in the ‘Dear David’ experiences the home owner has been sharing on twitter and has been compiled and retold in these YouTube videos…

The story has been bought up by Hollywood, and is due to be made into a horror movie. I hope they are able to capture the creepiness of this story. I also hope this is all some viral marketing like the ‘Blair Witch’ project had when it was released all those years ago.

What do you think?

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