Stress, Good Bad Flicks & Stranger Things…



It’s been a tough week. We’re only in a short chain in our property move, but it’s dragging on. We’re all done our end, but we’re just waiting for our buyers to catch up, and for a moment it seemed a bit touch and go as to whether we still had buyers–which was depressing as we would likely lose the place we like while waiting for another buyer. We missed out on another home last year because we couldn’t find a buyer. Hopefully we’re back on track now.

On top of that uncertainty, Dean cat stopped eating last weekend. We’ve lost two cats and stopping eating was a symptom of the illnesses they had. So, naturally my head went to the worst case scenario. Ugh, me and that cat, honestly, he’s my baby. Follows me everywhere, always next to me or on me. Thankfully he only missed a couple of days, but it was a worry. Hate it when the cats are ill–that whole not knowing what’s going on for them and how long to leave it before we do something for them.

My mum had also been undergoing tests to determine if her Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder had gotten any worse, and she was getting the results this week. So that’s been on my mind too. Thankfully it wasn’t as bad as it had been. They’re offering her a procedure, which I’m trying not worry about as she has been told before that she might not come out of anesthetic. They’re now saying she could be okay. I’m not sure mum will take the risk on that, so I can put the rest of that worry to one side for the moment.

It’s also been a rubbish week at work, where most of my team have left and I have a huge caseload, some of which I feel out of my depth with, and don’t feel I have much support.

Oh, and someone knifed a tyre on my bike. So, not been a good week.

The stress got so much I had this creeping crush on my body which felt like it wasgoing bust my eyeballs out of my head.

So, I took a time out from writing this week. From my work in mental health, I know how important it is to take a time out when you need one. I’m not in the position where writing is my main job, so at least it’s something I can take a break from to give myself some breathing space around all the other things I have to be doing. I’m smugly quite ahead of my schedule for writing at the moment, so it will give me more thinking time for the origin story of ‘The Darkwood Mysteries’ coming next.

Good Bad Flicks

On a much lighter note, a recent ritual to chill out after work has been tea, peanut butter and jam sandwich and some YouTube time. My latest YouTube binge has been Good Bad Flicks, an awesome channel exploring old B movies, the so bad their good movies. The videos cover loads of behind the scenes info and funny commentaries on the film’s more ridiculous moments–but they usually find something to love about even the dodgiest of them. I’ve been reminded of films I’ve wanted to check out for years and found some new ones too, and it’s sent me off on a classic movie watch in the week. Definitely worth a subscription.

Check out the crazy background and production dangers on the film ‘Roar’:

The production of the film ‘The Dead’ was bad enough, but ‘The Dead 2’ was a NIGHTMARE:

‘Up From the Depths’ was intended to be a horror, filmed as a comedy, then recut as a horror, and Good Bad Flicks’ funny narration shows just how crazy and ridiculous the result was…:

Stranger Things

I. Love. This. Show.

Spoilers ahead!

Season 3 has been binge-watched. And while the inclusion of a secret a Russian base beneath the town could seem a bit of a shark jumping moment–I mean, just how was that achieved under the nose of the other secret government installation?!–the show had so much fun with it, it was easy to run with.

It was great having all the gang back fighting monsters again. It was certainly more comedic than what’s come before, but that balanced out what has to be the goriest season so far! That flesh monster was awesome.

I don’t think this season missed a beat, balancing Eleven and the Mindflayers powers nicely so there was plenty of tension around how it would turn out. The finale was an exciting and emotional rollercoaster, with some strong comedy–the song!–and sadness with THAT ending. Great stuff, and the perfect escape from all the streeeeesss!

Hope you’ve had a better time. What have you been enjoying this month?


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