Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam (1985)…

This follow-up to ‘Mobile Suit Gundam’ is set 8 years after the events of that series, which saw the fall of Earth’s enemy, the Zeon empire. The Earth Federation has created a specialist force, the Titans, set on hunting down the last of the Zeon forces. While the Titans are widely considered the hero protectors of the Earth Federation they are establishing themselves as a totalitarian military dictatorship over the colonies.

Elements within the Earth Federation forces recognise what is essentially a coup and defect, creating the Anti-Earth Union Group (AEUG) and soon the members of what was once one military force have to choose sides in a civil war.

Kamille Bidan, a colonial teenager, feels the brutality of the Titans himself and gets caught up in the struggle and into a Gundam when the AEUG and Titans fight in his colony. In the chaos Bidan secures a Gundam for the AEUG, and after the Titans use Bidan’s parents as leverage against him, he commits himself to fighting the Titans with the AEUG.

While the animation and characterisation of ‘Mobile Suit Gundam’ may not have been as sophisticated as the modern anime I’ve seen, I made allowances for its age and the complex and pretty mature stories which had made that first series an enjoyable watch. I was interested in seeing where this 50 episode run would take the characters we’d followed from the first series. There was a little thrill at seeing the original crew of the Whitebase in the opening sequence all grown-up, and I realised how fond I’d become of them. The opening music for the dubbed version is great by the way–would love to hear that played live. Would ‘Mobile Suit Gundam Zeta’ match or better ‘Mobile Suit Gundam’?

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Mobile Suit Gundam (1979)

If, like me, you were a child of the 80s then you’ll remember cartoons such as ‘He-Man’, ‘Transformers’ and ‘Thundercats’ as big part of your childhood. But do you have dim memories of ‘Battle of the Planets’ and the ‘Star Fleet’ puppet action series? If so, then you came terribly close to Gundam. Earlier this year, off the back of ‘Deathnote’ and ‘Attack on Titan’, my other half suggested we try ‘Gundam 00’, a recent anime show–and we loved it. My other half has since gotten into Gundam in a big way and I imagine I will be surrounded by plastic robots that he has spent weeks painstakingly piecing together and I must never touch for fear of breaking them. Turns out that ‘Gundam 00’ was just the latest iteration in a 36 year old run of series. So… we thought… why not try and watch them all?

So we started with the very first series ‘Mobile Suit Gundam’ and its 43 episode run…

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