October 99p/c Sale, Book Promotion & Proofreaders Wanted…

WebsiteWUOctober Sale

Starting today, every week in October, one of my horror novels will be on sale for 99p/c. It’s the first time I have tried a Kindle Countdown promotion, and aside from sharing links on social media, this is the first time I have tried promoting my work in quite a while. But, I knew I couldn’t just leave this to Amazon. So, I have been trawling the Internet for Kindly book promotion sites, and then every night this week I have been uploading them. A lot of the sites seem very similar in structure, even down to author interviews having exactly the same questions and requirements–so, I hope they aren’t just multiple reskins of the same site. I also hope they aren’t closed markets with Indie authors promoting to one another. I will be keeping a close eye on my sales to see whether the countdown promotion and the uploading to the promotion sites do anything. I plan to do more uploading every week through October.


These are the sites that I used where I could. [SOURCE]

$0.99 Thrifty Thursdays:

Each Thursday, they put up a post calling for anyone who has a book priced at 99¢ every Thursday. They will not post erotica, religious, or political books: http://www.indiesunlimited.com/category/indies-unlimited/thrifty-thursday/

Digital Book Today:

If you have a full length fiction novel with at least 25 reviews and an average rating of 4.2 stars, you can submit your book to be featured on this site for free. They do have a limited number of spaces you you need to submit early: http://digitalbooktoday.com/register-weekly-featured-great-read

Pixel of Ink $0.99 Bargain Book:


Daily Cheap Reads:

If you have a 99 cent eBook that is not in the exclusive KLL and you would like them to consider posting it, they require a minimum of five reviews.   http://dailycheapreads.com/your-two-cents-worth/

Reading Deals:

They currently offer a free and paid option:  http://readingdeals.com/submit-ebook

eBook Lister:

Submit here: http://www.ebooklister.net/submit.php

Choosy Book Worm:

You can submit your book here: https://choosybookworm.com/free-ebook-promotion/

Awesome Gang:

Submit here: http://awesomegang.com/submit-your-book/

Free 99 Books:

Submit here: http://www.free99books.com/author/add

And the Awesome Gang (above) sent me the following links in an email:

Book Goodies.com – Free online book promotions with a large audience waiting to find good books. Use coupon code Awesome25 to save 25% off a featured listing.

Pretty-Hot.com – Home to the hottest books on the planet. Use coupon code Awesome to get $10 off a featured ad.

Book Reader Magazine – Submit an interview and get more free exposure. You can now submit your book and use coupon code kboards at checkout to save $10.

Discount Book Man – If your book is under $2.99 list it here. Coupon code for featured book is kboards to save $5.

My Book Place – Your place to find great books online! Submit your book and use coupon code Awesome25 to receive 25% off a featured listing.

Read Write Club – Great site with featured submissions and author interviews.

‘The Darkwood Mysteries’

I recently finished writing the 20th of ‘The Darkwood Mysteries’ and the last I need to write for the next run. Now, I will be going back to the earliest ones of the second run and editing those. I’m hoping the distance I have from those first drafts will make editing them easier. Then I will be ready for second and third edits.

Beta Readers & Proof Readers

Any of you lovely people want a first read and to proof read some or all of ‘The Darkwood Mysteries’? I can’t offer much in return, but I would place dedications to you in the front and thank yous in the back of each tale and any omnibus editions they might appear in. You might also get a character named after you.

If you’re interested then get in touch with me on Facebook and Twitter.


99p/ct Kindle Halloween Sale!

FBHalloween SaleHalloween is on its way! And to celebrate the spookiest time of year, all four of my contemporary horror novels will have their time on sale for a week for just 99p/ct!

So, if you fancy grabbing yourself a bargain and giving yourself a spooky read for Halloween then here’s what’s on promotion and when:

The Room Saturday the 5th of October to the 11th

Ivory Saturday the 12th of October to the 18th

The Pack Saturday the 19th of October to the 25th

Harvest Saturday the 26th of October to the 1st of November.

Watch this space for upcoming promotions on each of these supernatural full length horror novels.

All four titles are currently available on Kindle at £1.99 or $2.45.

If you enjoy any of these titles, then please don’t forget to rate and review!


Reflecting on February (2016)… Quality Control…

Another month has rushed by… and I’ve plodded along. No writing, and just a few emails in the quest for reviews. No responses as yet. I’m like a virtual salesman trying to get my foot in the door. Thankfully, work is behaving itself, I’m doing lots of gaming with my other half, cycling, and enjoying myself, which balances out pitching days of my week into writing. That’s not to say I’m not missing it… I need to knuckle down and get my studies done so I can get back to using that time for writing. Which, rather clumsily segues into a little worry I’ve had about quality control this month…

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Reflecting on December (2015)…

FB Square PackPresents. Family. Time off. More board games than a 3# year old man child has any reason playing. Food. More food, and still food to be eaten. Christmas has been and gone and been a great time, and I’ve done sweet FA in the writing department. Well, okay, I guess I’ve written two articles about coping with Christmas and New Years, which are now up at Buzz Feed in the community section in the hope of a little traffic for my self-help title, but nothing else. Always grateful for some likes and shares for those articles btw…

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Reflecting on November (2015)… Unleashing ‘The Pack’

November has been a BUSY month. Studying. Editing. Oh, and Christmas shopping. Which seemed to involve buying myself lots of board games. I think my month off from saving went to my head. And my money went to various games companies… Thankfully I haven’t got to pass off any obscure games as presents for other people (like buying my four year old niece ‘Fury of Dracula’), and I actually bought the presents I was meant to. Phew.

The big thing this month was receiving the edit of ‘The Pack’ from… well, my editor… thankfully she didn’t suggest any major rewrites, but being a masochistic perfectionist I decided to cut it about it. I’ve read it, and re-read it. Again. Edited and re-edited it. Again. And it’s now shiny and launched on Amazon. Yeah. I was going to do a build-up pre-order thing, but this is the last of my work that needed to be edited and re-released, and I couldn’t face the slog of trying to get interest in it through social media, and just wanted to unleash ‘The Pack’.

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Reflecting on October (2015)…

‘Get Over It’ launched at the beginning of the month after a pre-order period and a month of posting self-help posts on social media. It launched with about a dozen sales and has flat lined since. So, not stellar. It joins ‘The Darkwood Mysteries’ and ‘Ivory’ as titles that are non-movers, leaving ‘Harvest’ and ‘The Room’ as my titles that have daily sales.

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