Reflecting on February (2016)… Quality Control…

Another month has rushed by… and I’ve plodded along. No writing, and just a few emails in the quest for reviews. No responses as yet. I’m like a virtual salesman trying to get my foot in the door. Thankfully, work is behaving itself, I’m doing lots of gaming with my other half, cycling, and enjoying myself, which balances out pitching days of my week into writing. That’s not to say I’m not missing it… I need to knuckle down and get my studies done so I can get back to using that time for writing. Which, rather clumsily segues into a little worry I’ve had about quality control this month…

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Reflecting on November (2015)… Unleashing ‘The Pack’

November has been a BUSY month. Studying. Editing. Oh, and Christmas shopping. Which seemed to involve buying myself lots of board games. I think my month off from saving went to my head. And my money went to various games companies… Thankfully I haven’t got to pass off any obscure games as presents for other people (like buying my four year old niece ‘Fury of Dracula’), and I actually bought the presents I was meant to. Phew.

The big thing this month was receiving the edit of ‘The Pack’ from… well, my editor… thankfully she didn’t suggest any major rewrites, but being a masochistic perfectionist I decided to cut it about it. I’ve read it, and re-read it. Again. Edited and re-edited it. Again. And it’s now shiny and launched on Amazon. Yeah. I was going to do a build-up pre-order thing, but this is the last of my work that needed to be edited and re-released, and I couldn’t face the slog of trying to get interest in it through social media, and just wanted to unleash ‘The Pack’.

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