Writing, Life, & Board Game Making…


I have been reading a lot about writing. ‘Save the Cat’ has stayed with me as a good approach to plot structure. ‘Anatomy of Story’, not so much. I have really enjoyed ‘On Editing’ though. It wasn’t quite what I was expecting, as it largely revisited plotting and I thought it was going to cover things like sentence structure and grammar, but I found it helpful in unexpected ways. I finally have have more insight on ‘cutting’–trimming the story back to only what is essential. This has really made advice from editors and my husband of a beta-reader sink in–maybe 20 years too late. And I now have a grasp on ‘show not tell’. This has made me want to revisit everything I’ve written and to take a knife to it… That’s not necessarily a bad thing though–I want to make my work as good as it can be for readers. So, lots of writing lessons this month.

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