Arrow Dark Archer / League of Assassins Cosplay Costume


Did you know Jawas are in the League of Assassins?

Another comic con is behind us. Our second in costume. Again, with little in the way of props or dressed areas laid on by the convention, and talks being rammed, I still say the geek merch and the attendees in costume are the best part of going.

We did our bit. This time, I had been able to buy a costume to go along with my other half as the DC TV series’ ‘Arrow’. It would’ve been cool to go in the cosplaysky¬†‘Arsenal’¬†costume, but it was a bit more than I wanted to pay out for. Saw a few at comic con and have costume regret–it looks awesome. Plus, I’m not sure I can pull off Abercrombie youth Colton Haynes (phrasing), but can be a passable mature gay as a villain. When I saw they had a more affordable ‘Dark Archer’ or ‘League of Assassins’ I had been a bit unsure about my costume, but when it arrived (from China in a little under a week!) I quickly chucked it on and instantly felt assassiny. So, what could a grown 3# year old do, but wait for his husband to come home so I can fake assassinate him…

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Arrow Episode 23 ‘My Name Is Oliver Queen’… (woohoo!)

DOCTOR WHO Christmas InvasionIn the season 3 finale Oliver turns the tables on Ra’s al Ghul to prevent him from releasing the virus upon Starling City. It turns out that Ra’s’ motives for destroying the city were not inspired by ceremonies of initiation for Oliver–but a strike against a rogue league member and his nemesis, Damien Dark. Oliver and the Arrow gang race to save the city–but who will save Oliver?

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The City of Heroes Convention 2015…

The City of Heroes convention was a weekend of guests from the DC shows, Arrow, The Flash and Gotham, and also the upcoming DC movie’s Aquaman. It was held at the Birmingham Metropole Hilton, and hosted by a compere, who introduced each 45 minute talk, which included three panels and individual talks. There was a main hall for the talks, a hall for autographs and photo ops, and a small vendors room. We went for a weekend pass, which was access to all the talks, and a free autograph from all the guests. We’re not really into the want for autographs and meeting the actors (what do you do with it and what do you say to them?!). We were all set for a weekend of sitting back and being entertained by the actors of a couple of our favourite shows. Did it live up to expectations?

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Arrow Episode 21 ‘This Is Your Sword’ Review…

DOCTOR WHO Christmas InvasionThis episode, the Arrow reveals his hand. A plan that is just as convoluted as this season has been. A plan that has definitely been about the greater good at the expense of himself in the eyes of those closest to him and caused him to ally himself with the very enemies he’s been pitted against for this season–and since his return to Starling City. The Arrow gang can do little but respond to the threat that Arrow has revealed as they venture off to Nanda Parbat to stop the League of Assassins destroying Starling City. Oh, and Thea got to bed Roy. It’s kind of a miracle I remembered anything either side of that.. But did this episode–the start of the finale run–make up for a season that hasn’t managed to match the highs of season 1 and 2?
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Arrow Episode 20 ‘Al-Sah-Him’ Review…

DOCTOR WHO Christmas InvasionOliver Queen is no more. The Arrow has become Al-Sah-Him and the League of Assassins have broken the titular character of the show into becoming one of their ranks–in preparation for taking his place as Ras-Al-Ghul, head of the League. This episode sees Al-Sah-Him pitched against the very people that were once his friends as he is sent to bring Nyssa back to Ras-Al-Ghul for her abandoning the League…

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Arrow Episode 20 ‘The Fallen’ Review…

DOCTOR WHO Christmas InvasionAfter the shock ending of last week’s episode Thea’s fate is decided… Ish. Because where there’s a death, there’s a Lazarus pit, and where there’s a Lazarus pit there’s leverage for Ra’s al Ghul. This is the episode we knew was coming from recent events–where Oliver has to give up the Arrow, Starling City and everyone he broodily loves and gets angsty about… and become Ra’s al Ghul head of the league of assassins. Dramabanana.

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