Writing, Life, & Board Game Making…


I have been reading a lot about writing. ‘Save the Cat’ has stayed with me as a good approach to plot structure. ‘Anatomy of Story’, not so much. I have really enjoyed ‘On Editing’ though. It wasn’t quite what I was expecting, as it largely revisited plotting and I thought it was going to cover things like sentence structure and grammar, but I found it helpful in unexpected ways. I finally have have more insight on ‘cutting’–trimming the story back to only what is essential. This has really made advice from editors and my husband of a beta-reader sink in–maybe 20 years too late. And I now have a grasp on ‘show not tell’. This has made me want to revisit everything I’ve written and to take a knife to it… That’s not necessarily a bad thing though–I want to make my work as good as it can be for readers. So, lots of writing lessons this month.

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Pandemic-Mode Me & Fun & Games!

WebsiteMVThe pandemic has been a bit or a revelation to me. I think I’ve secretly wanted to live the life of a shut-in for a long time. Don’t get me wrong I like people and I like socialising. Okay, scrap that, I like someĀ people and being around them. I like the outside world. But I like all those things in small doses. I find them tiring otherwise. The peace and quiet, the reduction in people, the order of shops, it’s really minimised life’s frustrations for me and a lot of self-directed pressures have been lifted. I’m working from home–which I’ve wanted to do for a long time as our office is so hot, busy and stressful. I don’t have the travel time to work, so I get a bit more time out of my day, and I don’t need to worry about balancing my time with family and friends–as we can’t see each other. Although, don’t get me wrong, I am missing not being able to do stuff with my family. I’ve also had a lot more time for hobbies. Lots of editing has been done, but I’ve also been catching up on films I have earmarked and been buying and not getting time to see. And I have started a new project…

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Moving, Gaming, Baking, Umbrella Academy & Friday the 13th…


It has been busy. We have our home on the market at the moment. We love our home, but over the last seven years what we want from a home has changed, so it’s time to move. My next novel will be about the perpetual cleaning and show homing, anticipation, disappointment, compromise, frustration, pressure, rejection, loss and general stress of home hunting and home selling. It will be a horror. Blood everywhere.


The biggest thing that has happened to me this year is that through my addiction to podcasts I stumbled across a show called the Creative Penn all about the indie writing and self-publishing scene by Joanna Penn. There are about 400 episodes, so I am very late to the party, but there was one on writing successful horror with the guest horror author Iain Rob Wright. It blew me away, and has influenced the shift in how I think about my writing, and how I am going to approach it. It’s made me face up to the fact that I have written my writing off as a hobby due to the lack of sales, reads and reviews, when what I have always known is that I should be marketing my work and giving it the time and energy it needs and deserves to get seen to stand a chance of succeeding.

I am no longer going to treat writing like a hobby, I am going to treat it like a business, and potentially my job. Don’t worry, this isn’t some feverish mid-life crisis where I quite my day job and live off toast–I’m going to save up to have some capital, and then I am going to invest in my writing. Possibly pro covers, further editing, advertising, print editions and audio. Listening to the Creative Penn has made me realise how I have let the self-publishing changes and advances pass me by, and I now know so much is possible for indie authors. Inspiration and motivation does not guarantee success, of course, but it’s better that my write and upload actions so far. It’s a saturated market, and as a self-publishing writer I need to be publisher, manager, marketer and accountant.

The first change has been to focus this blog. It is now going to be writing centred, with two posts a month. A writing update post on the first weekend of the month and this post about life and the inspiration around me on the third weekend of the month.

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