‘Fury of Dracula’ (3rd edition 2015) board game…

I enjoyed the 2nd edition of ‘Fury of Dracula’–but my non-gaming partner did not. ‘Boring and complicated’ he said. I kind of agreed with the latter, but it was one of those games where the theme made me forgive the regular rule checks. So it languished on the shelf. Neglected. With a 3rd–streamlined and apparently improved–edition released and my partner now worn down into a gaming partner through overexposure to cards, dice and tokens, I thought it was worth seeing whether Dracula had improved and could seduce my skeptical husband…

‘Fury of Dracula’ by Fantasy Flight Games is a board game for 2-5 players, it is set after the events of Bram Stoker’s Gothic horror novel, throwing players into a chase across Victorian Europe. The Dracula player is trying to spread his influence without revealing his location, and the band of hunter players trying to find his trail, undo his work and kill him. It’s a game of hidden movement and deduction, with the Dracula player using cards kept secret from the player to determine his location, and the hunter players travelling from city to city hoping their location will be one from Dracula’s trail–which Dracula has to reveal. Both the Dracula player and the hunter players gain cards through the game which can grant advantages or special actions to help hide or search respectively.

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Star Wars: Rebellion by Fantasy Flight Games (or why I will have less money in 2016…)

star-wars-rebellionSome people despair at their financial situation. Many blame their kids, their government, or even immigrants. If I were to join those in scapegoating, then I guess I would have to blame Fantasy Flight Games. With my shelves loaded with ‘Eldritch Horror’, ‘Elder Signs’, ‘Star Wars: X-wing’, ‘Star Wars: Armada’ games, expansions and accessories, Fantasy Flight Games are now releasing a board game: ‘Star Wars: Rebellion’. Seriously, Fantasy Flight, just ask me to invest in your company. I already feel like I should have shares in you. I have 0 idea what this game is going to be like, but I know I want it. I’m think it’ll be a cross between ‘Risk’ and ‘Eldritch Horror’. Which would be epic.

Eldritch Horror…


A box of diabolical evil.

‘Eldritch Horror’ is Fantasy Flight’s co-operative horror adventure quest game. And it’s evil. Punishingly evil. Or we’re really poor gamers. Probably both. The game pitches a group of investigators against the threat of a rising ancient evil as the fabric between dimensions begins to shred and the apocalypse closes in. So… Nice family entertainment.

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