Reflecting On March 2015… Gay For Pay?


It’s been a good month. Me and my civilly partnered boyfriend upgraded to a marriage. Wedding 2.0. We kept it to just me and him signing a form then grabbing a pretentious burger and milk shake. Much easier than our civil partnership. That was a great day with friends and family but felt pretty full on, this was much more our laid back uninclusive lifestyle. I didn’t really appreciate how good it would feel to be married instead of civilly partnered. No more of ‘are you married?’, ‘Yes, to my man, Rob’, ‘oh, you mean you’ve had a civil partnership’, interactions with me thinking ‘yes, I love my man so much that I’ve commited to spending my life faithfully with him just like a man and woman might–you passive aggressive bigot.’ Equality is certainly something to cherish.

Living my life with my man, a little life with friends and family that know and accept my want to live honestly and freely I can often forget the fear and non-acceptance and criticism I’ve had in¬†the past, or that any of the above is an issue I should think about. I’ve always consciously included gay characters, or at least gay mentions, in my writing as I want more representation in the genres I enjoy–I didn’t have them in my formative years.¬†However, this month I’ve been wondering if gay might be the way for my writing as well…

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My Big Geeky Passion…

I’ve always had interests and enjoyments that have set me aside from most of my friends around me. 80s ‘V’, ‘Doctor Who’, Hammer Horror, or horror in general, ‘Kolchak: The Night Stalker’, ‘Twin Peaks’, boardgames, collecting toys and even writing. Oh, and men, of course… Growing up, it was the same, but worse. Would I find a passion, a man, that would rule them all?
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