Getting Back to ‘Normal’…

WebsiteMVI have had a break from the writing desk. Finally, after 6 months, our home move completed. We are now in the new house. There was lots to do to prepare, and then settle in, and we’ve only been settled for the last week or so. In all honesty, I could have been back at the keyboard last week, but I just needed the weekend to do sweet nothing. I needed it after… THE MOVE. I’m sure this is going to be a horror title in my writing future…

The Move

The move was pretty intense. It was only a three property move, with only us and our buyers actually required to physically move. The place we bought was vacant. The owners died. Under pretty mysterious circumstances actually. They were found in the basement with loads of candles lit around them. Eh, not really. We don’t have a basement. They were murdered in the lounge. Eh, not really. They already live somewhere else. We thought the move would be quick, as we all settled offers in May, but it dragged on. We were all set, our solicitor was on the ball, and we started the packing and selling stuff we didn’t want to take with us, and were ready to go by the second month. Unfortunately, we were told our buyers hadn’t instructed their solicitor and our solicitor and estate agent pushed how unusual this was and that we should think about putting our home back on the market.

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Life, Horror Podcasts, TV, Film & Books this October…


To misquote Stephen King–“I have seen the face of horror, and it is moving house“. Yes, that’s right. We’re 5 months into our house move, in a chain of only 3 properties. And we still haven’t exchanged contracts, so it could all fall apart at any point. Our buyers have been dragging their feet all the way through–not instructing their solicitor for 2 months, then taking ages to settle their mortgage, then at the last minute requesting an electrical safety check–our property is modern, so not really required–and they have now gone on holiday for 3 weeks just at the point of settling things. On top of that, we’ve found out that their solicitor hasn’t even confirmed their identity or given them the contract papers to sign. Ours were all done in the first month. The people we’re buying from are losing patience, and are threatening to put the house back on the market or rent it out. Stress is not the word. I tell you, if this move actually goes ahead, I am going to Google ‘how to summon a lesser demon’ the morning we leave and make our old home as haunted AF.

So, as you can imagine, I have needed plenty of distraction… Thankfully, Halloween is my favourite time of year and I have found plenty to entertain me in recent weeks.


I have a thing for podcasts. I just wish I had more time to listen to them. There are some great shows out there.

A couple of notables in my ears at the moment are ‘American Hysteria’, about social panics–like Satanic panic, D&D scares, queer fear, stranger danger and urban legends; and ‘Relic Radio–The Horror!, which are old horror radio shows, complete with contemporary ads. Honestly, hearing an ad from the 60s for products to free up women’s time to spend more time with their husbands is just the best. True horror.


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