Sense8 Season 1 (2015)…

I recently watched the Netflix sci-fi drama ‘Sense8’. It didn’t strike me as being my cup of tea, but I’ve had it proven to me enough times now that I’m not as narrow minded in my genres of taste as I think I am (‘The West Wing’ and er… ‘Downton Abbey’—yeah still not sure what happened to me there…) I thought I’d give it a go.

Sense8 has an original plot revolving around 8 individuals all over the world, living their lives completely separately, until they are suddenly awakened to one another emotionally and physically. They can appear to each other, invisible and intangible to everyone else around them, and they can merge or switch consciousness’; inhabiting one another’s bodies. The series starts with their awakening and throws us into each character’s lives, but they are also working together to understand what they are going through—and the threat they are in from an organisation that is trying to track them down.

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‘Animal’ (2014) Horror Movie Review…

This came onto Netflix with a decent enough star rating for us to add it to our watch list. By the time we got around to watching it one date night… it was down to two stars. Oh, the horror that can be a 2 star horror movie… We decided to give it a go…

Animal sets out treading a pretty unoriginal trope, a group of American teenagers head into wild woods on a hike and find that something is lurking among the trees. There’s even a cabin in them there woods.

So… did it hike away from the well-beaten track of many a horror before it into brave new territory? Was it a 2 star horror?

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Attack on Titan Review…

DOCTOR WHO Christmas InvasionThe anime series ‘Attack on Titan’ is based on the graphic novel of the same name. It is set on a fantasy Earth, where the remnants of humanity are trying to survive against giants who eat people for pleasure. The Titans arrived around a 100 years before the story begins. How and why, and what these humanoid giants are, is a mystery. They wiped out most of the human population but for those that managed to erect a series of large concentric walls to keep the giants out. The giants roam free over the planet while the humans lived, penned in behind these walls but for the brave military corps who venture out to try and learn more about the giants and turn the tide against them.

This is a spoiler free review, and for anyone that has seen my tweets, you will already know what I think about this show. IT. IS. AWESOME.

There you go. You can move on now, or you could find out why it’s so AWESOME…

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‘Death Note’ review…

death-note coverMade in 2011, but a find for me in 2014. In Death Note, the animated series, the shinigami are a race of death gods who extend their own life by prematurely ending the lives of others. They do this by writing the name of their victim in their books, the titular Death Note. Ryuk is one such god, who has become bored and decides to leave the book on Earth for a human to find. Just for kicks.

Light Yagami, a genius student who is also bored, finds the book and learns of the rules that govern the use of the book–primarily that you must know the name and face of the person you wish to kill. Touching the book also enables you to see and interact with the shinigami that accompanies it. Light sets out on a moral campaign to rid the world of criminals–but quickly descends into a psychopathic madness and has ambitions of godhood over the utopia that he believes he can create.

Light adopts the alias of Kira to communicate his terms to the criminal and to reassure the innocent. First the Japanese, and then the world’s authorities come to realise the threat Kira poses to civilised justice and tasks L, a young eccentric genius detective whose secret identity protects him, to find out the real identity of Kira and to bring him down. And so begins an epic cat and mouse struggle between Light trying to discover L’s identity so he can kill him via the Death Note, and L trying to find Kira aka Light to bring him to justice.

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