Muse & Views: Whyborne & Griffin Book Series…

BEYOND THE WRITING DESK_opt (1)When I started writing this blog, I wanted to share interests and opinions, and in doing so I started reviewing things. Unfortunately, I stumbled across a lot of things I didn’t like, and I didn’t want this to become a negative space, so I decided I would only write about things I like. Then, with work and studying, I just didn’t have time to write much in the way of blog posts at all. Now that things have calmed the f*** down I want to share my enjoyment of a few favourite things. First off is a book series I stumbled across last year…

Image result for whyborne and griffinWhyborne and Griffin by Jordan L. Hawk, is a supernatural horror series set in the late 18th century, turn of the 19th century, following the titular characters as they are drawn into Lovecraftian mysteries. My enjoyment of Whyborne and Griffin’s is largely down to these two central characters. Whyborne starts of painfully insecure thanks to an oppressive father and spiteful brother, and is hiding within his work studying ancient languages within the Widdershins museum. He is both sympathetic through his experiences, and frustrating with his pervasive negative twist on the positive. I suspect he would’ve withered away if it wasn’t for a chance encounter with the confident, dashing Griffin. Yet, Griffin, a private detective, is damaged in his own way, and despite his self-confidence and charm, he is more broken than Whyborne through experiences much darker and more haunting than Whyborne’s.

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Defending The Iron Throne…

wpid-game-of-thrones-season-3-1.jpg.jpegWith Game of Thrones back on the box I usually read and hear interactions along the lines of ‘DID YOU SEE THRONES!’ and ‘OMFG EVERYBODY DIED!’ and generally people losing their sh*t over the writers’ cunning and evilness. However, this year there been quite a bit if negativity. Is Thrones no longer the golden boy? Is it ‘dull’? Has it gone too far?

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Poltergeist to be Remade as 3D Kids’ Movie…


Eight words. Sometimes that’s all it can take to ruin a day. The headline ‘Poltergeist to be remade as 3D Kids’ movie’ is all over my Facebook timeline. Unfortunately I’m not dreaming a nightmare. These eight words may as well be some sinister curse written on ancient parchment deciphered from Cthulhu for the insanity this is surely unleashing within horror fans and across the Internet.

I may as well cast my ire into the cauldron and stir it in.

‘Poltergeist’ is one of my top 10 movies. It’s my go to Halloween horror film. It’s creepy, fun, and scary. This film has so many smashing set-piece moments; the tree, the TV static voices, the haunted whirlwind of paranormal activity, the face ripping, ‘They’re here’, Tangina ‘stay-away-from-the-light’ Barrons, the rising graves, and the clown. The f***ing terrifying clown that’s fueled countless nightmares. For years I couldn’t watch this film alone.

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