Reflecting on June (2015)…

June. I just couldn’t be bothered. The end of my course was looming and I was struggling with motivation, but I knuckled down nonetheless. Thankfully it’s done with now. It’s such a relief! My focus was a bit distracted by the course, so I didn’t blog, but balanced writing with just chilling out. So, not being bothered was OK by me. It’s been quite a nice change of pace.

Not being bothered is a new thing for me too. I’m quite driven and normally ‘have to be busy’ or ‘have to be doing things’. Instead I’ve been balancing studying with boardgames and reading, and spending time with my man. Writing a book about CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) has gotten me back into its mindful thinking, and without clients to use it on I think I’m channelling it at myself. Nothing wrong with that. If I can’t help myself out with CBT I can’t really expect to write a self-help book on it.

I’ve rewritten a couple of chapters of the book and I’m giving it another edit. It’s quite a challenge trying to communicate what’s likely to be new information to people. My other half is reading through it–I think it’s more through a sense of duty this time around though. I asked him how it was going and got ‘I don’t believe in CBT–people just need to get over it’.

So, it’s fair to say he kept his thoughts to himself through my four years of counseling training, and that he won’t be heading into the helping services as a standby career… His objections will be food for thought for me, but he might be the wrong one to edit the content beyond spelling and grammar, so it looks like I’ll be on the hunt for self-help newbie proofreaders in July. I’ll be trying to maintain some of the ‘can’t be bothered’ to counter my perfectionism and drive to be busy, especially when I get back to writing ‘The Darkwood Mysteries’ after this project. Which I’m really looking forward to.

Just a little shout out to Quids and Quills, a UK tax service for writers. As I’ve mentioned previously, it’s well worth checking out for a couple of informative blog posts if you’ve been a bit anxious about the EU VAT. I also took advantage of the free question service offered through the website when doing my tax return and Claire got back to me really quickly–on a Sunday–and shared her knowledge. I’m always appreciative of people who do such things and it’s nice knowing that if I have more involved queries in the future there’s a service out there I can hire to help.

Here’s hoping I can maintain my laid back approach to writing and balancing it with chilling out in August.