Bad Movies, Sex Cults, a Bit of Home Town Murder & a Horny Goat Man…

WebsiteMVNot quite how I spent the last month personally, but some things I’ve enjoyed on TV, YouTube, and via podcast.

In a previous post I shared a couple of YouTube videos I had enjoyed about Christopher Lee and his iconic role of Dracula in the Hammer Horror movies in the 60s and 70s.  ‘Dark Corners Reviews’ produced them and have also reviewed LOTS of really not so classic bad movies. And I mean really bad. Like,  REALLY, REALLY bad. Like how the f*** did these movies get made–get past a studio–and get picked up for distribution. Meanwhile… my downloads are pretty much flatlined… Not that I’m bitter. Okay. I’m bitter. Thankfully the presenter of the channel does his best to milk every bit of humour out of his reviews, showing the worst best bits so we don’t have to actually watch the films. ‘Roar’ is just one of them, and it has crazy terrifying production background which needs to be seen to be believed. Check it out, and check it all the videos waiting there for you–I’m hooked.

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