Doctor Who Season 9… (proof that the Doctor hated Adric too)

Doctor Who 8‘Doctor Who’ should be my go to show, I’ve loved it from my days of watching the original series and for a good few years into the new series, but since mid-way through Matt Smith’s run I began to lose interest. Peter Capaldi tempted me back in, and despite his Doctor I haven’t been fully invested in it since. Did season 9 change that? It came close. So close. The first two stories were pretty good, and I liked the two part format giving us more time in each story. I shared my thoughts on them through this blog. I planned to do the same with the others. But I didn’t like them. Not only did I not want to invest my time in watching them, I didn’t want to use more of that time to write about them, and who enjoys bashing a show they once loved?!

Spoilers ahoy.

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Doctor Who The Girl Who Died & The Woman Who Lived

Doctor Who 8

Doctor Who?
At the heart of Doctor Who is mystery…
Advanced aliens prey upon Vikings… and then 17th Century England… With only the Doctor to figure out how to save them…

Doctor Hmm…
When Doctor Who has a stumble…
I don’t think there’s a season of Doctor Who that doesn’t have one or more clunkers in it, so it was inevitable that we would get one in season 9. This is the first, and hopefully last, clunker of Season 9. Little about either episode worked for me. Modern Doctor Who has proven it can package humour, action, intelligence and horror into stories of substance and merit—just why we have to have ‘comedy’ episodes like this, I don’t know. Yeah, it’s nice to have a breather now and again, but this was just silly, and for me this was not even enjoyable silly, and not even funny comedy. One liners were belted out like a desperate comic in front of a tough crowd, and none of them hit the mark for me.

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Doctor Who Under the Lake & Before the Flood

Doctor Who 8Doctor Who?
At the heart of Doctor Who is mystery…
An underwater base haunted by murderous ghosts.

Doctor Eek!
Doctor Who; scaring kid’s since 1963…
This pair of episodes had a nice bit of tension going on. The base was suitably moody and claustrophobic, and although some of this was lost in the Scottish Russia it was at least bleak and isolated. But the fear came from the ghosts themselves. Hollow-eyed creatures are right up my alley, having my own in ‘The Darkwood Mysteries: The Conspiracy of Shadow & Fire’, and the silent whispering was a nice touch. The scene where Cass is walking through the corridor deaf to the sound of a ghost following her and dragging an axe was particularly creepy.

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