Sentinels of the Multiverse ‘Guise’ Hero Expansion…


This expansion looks like he’s going to be so much fun to play with. I’m not a superhero expert or anything, but Guise seems to be like Deadpool–he has a lot of ego and plenty of sass. With such titles as ‘Best Card Ever!’, ‘Look What I Found!’ with Guise using the category of the card like a plank in smacking a villain about, and ‘Gimmicky Character’ with Guise riding a shark–yup, riding a shark. ‘I Can Do That, Too!’ enables you to use another hero’s power, ‘Lemme See That…’ looks like it enables him to benefit from another hero’s equipment. Also, there’s a few ‘roleplay’ quirks in his play–if you throw your hands in the air and shout ‘woo!’ or high five a player you get to perform bonuses. Normally, I don’t like forced humour like that, but it is quite a fun quirk. In quite a few of the pics Guise comes across as quite a dick and doesn’t take himself seriously–a refreshing change in the hero ranks. He’s rated as a 2 for difficulty, so shouldn’t pose any problems. Looking forward to playing with him.

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Sentinels of the Multiverse Card Game

SOTMSentinels of the Multiverse is a co-operative card game which pits superheroes against supervillains in a comic book style game.

I love board games with heavy themes, and thanks to the comic book style cover of the box, this game oozes theme even when it’s just sitting packed away. I’ve always liked games that have lots of miniatures and quality boards for the level of theme they can provide, but having played ‘Last Night on Earth’ and ‘Star Trek: Fleet Captains’ I’ve come to realise it’s the cards that create much of the depth and the intricacies of the game play. If it’s just miniatures and dice, then it can be pretty dull. This game is just cards, and I must admit I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’d watched a couple of videos on YouTube and it seemed to work so I took a chance…

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