Return of ‘The Darkwood Mysteries’ FREE read & a new look…

As I mentioned before, publishing through Kindle is great, but I can’t provide the free reads I once did without enrolling them in Kindle Direct Publishing. However, this would mean each of ‘The Darkwood Mysteries’ would have to be £2.99 (the lowest price a KDP book can be). That price isn’t a good fit for short stories and it would only be free for set periods of time.

However, I’ve had a rejig of ‘The Darkwood Mysteries’ site and ‘The Thief of Faces’ is now available on the site as an on-line read. Bit of a compromise, but it is what it is. On a positive though, ‘The Darkwood Mysteries’ site has also had a bit of a make-over. I hadn’t been happy with the covers of the books, but now I think I’m onto an improved look. What do you think?

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Advanced overview of the second series of ‘The Darkwood Mysteries’ & a new look…

Over previous posts I’ve revealed titles and plot teases for the next run of ‘The Darkwood Mysteries’. This time I’m going to give you a few more details on the characters and the themes of the second series.

The first series has hopefully established the format of the tales–two friends, Darkwood and Hobbs, investigating the criminal and supernatural in pursuit of the truth around what happened to Emily Darkwood’s parents and understanding of the stone that she inherited with its curious draw on mystery.

I want this series to be accessible to anyone, regardless of the story someone starts with, but I also want to deepen the experience for those that have read a few tales (or all!). I read all the Sherlock Holmes stories a couple of years ago, and while I loved the accessible format and premise I wanted more from Holmes and Watson as characters. The drama rarely revolved around them as people and their world never felt threatened. It felt too comfy. Call me mean, but I don’t want ‘The Darkwood Mysteries’ to become comfy. So, there will be some drama for Darkwood and Hobbs…

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‘The Darkwood Mysteries’ news…

My final tease of what’s to come in the second run of ‘The Darkwood Mysteries’. These will be the final two installments of the series.

The Slaves of the Underworld

People are disappearing from a workhouse. Who or what is taking the men, women and children, and for what purpose? Hobbs faces the fear of his youth by entering it to investigate and becomes one of the disappeared and finds old friends and old enemies. Will Darkwood save Hobbs or will she become another slave of the underworld?

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Sleepless Nights, Bobby, & ‘The Darkwood Mysteries’…

More news on ‘The Darkwood Mysteries’. But first, I have to mention sleep. Precious sleep. It has been in short supply recently. Not because of the ghastly crisinals and the creepy ghouls that lurk in Darkwood and Hobbs’ world which I’ve been immersed in, no, it has been from more earthly causes. Namely a bar beneath us that likes to have a bit of fun outside of hours from time to time, and new neighbours who have impressive stamina when it comes to partying. Basically, when I’ve given up trying to get any sleep and get up, say around 5 or 6 they go to bed. It’s also because of Bobby…

Bobby is not a wild sexual partner. Bobby is a little iddy biddy cat. Bobby. aka Bobzilla…DOCTOR WHO Christmas Invasion

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‘The Darkwood Mysteries’ News…

Another little tease for you… Story 5 & 6 of ‘The Darkwood Mysteries’ are going to be called ‘The City of the Drowning’ and ‘The Rise of the Dragon’.

The City of the Drowning

Darkwood has sent Hobbs away without explanation. Inspector Duggan has taken him in and Hobbs is soon embroiled in mystery in the streets of poverty he came from. At Duggan’s side he begins to question what he knows of him, all the time unsure as to why he has been sent away and whether this is the end of his time with Darkwood…

The Rise of the Dragon

A child has gone missing and a wedge has been driven between East End Londoners and the Chinese population. The Mandarin is at work again–but to what end? Darkwood and Hobbs are reunited with the Home Guard and are pitched into the London criminal underworld to find out and prevent the situation deteriorating into bloodshed…

The Darkwood Mysteries

CoverThe Darkwood Mysteries are now available on the Kindle:

When Emily Darkwood inherited her mother’s brooch she found herself plunged into a life-time of danger and mystery. The amber gem is a guide stone; one of many talismans from a forgotten age of arcane provenance that have individual and unique abilities and powers. Darkwood’s stone draws the bearer and the forces of darkness together. 

With this lodestone of darkness, and the able support of her young servant companion Jack Hobbs, she is ennobled as a crusader against evil and villainy—supernatural and criminal—as a seeker of the truth behind the mysterious fates of her parents. 

However, holding the stone can also be a curse, for others seek its powers or to remain hidden from them; the criminal, the unnatural, and the otherworldly. In her quest to cast light against the darkness of the land she risks losing herself and all that she holds dear—her aunt and uncle who raised her, the medical career she so desperately desires, her friends and her chances of love and a family of her own.

A series of horror, adventure & detective short stories available now: The Darkwood Mysteries, Amazon Kindle,Barnes & Noble Nook, Kobo, Smashwords.

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