Stress, Good Bad Flicks & Stranger Things…



It’s been a tough week. We’re only in a short chain in our property move, but it’s dragging on. We’re all done our end, but we’re just waiting for our buyers to catch up, and for a moment it seemed a bit touch and go as to whether we still had buyers–which was depressing as we would likely lose the place we like while waiting for another buyer. We missed out on another home last year because we couldn’t find a buyer. Hopefully we’re back on track now.

On top of that uncertainty, Dean cat stopped eating last weekend. We’ve lost two cats and stopping eating was a symptom of the illnesses they had. So, naturally my head went to the worst case scenario. Ugh, me and that cat, honestly, he’s my baby. Follows me everywhere, always next to me or on me. Thankfully he only missed a couple of days, but it was a worry. Hate it when the cats are ill–that whole not knowing what’s going on for them and how long to leave it before we do something for them.

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