City of Heroes #2 Convention…

After having such a good time at the weekend con City of Heroes last year, we booked up for City of Heroes #2 pretty much as it was announced. In the interim the guest list gained heroic proportions, with guests being announced right up until a few weeks before it was due to kick off.

Jason Momoa (Thrones & Auqaman); from Arrow there was, Stephen Amell (Green Arrow), David Ramsey (Diggle/Spartan), Emily Bett Rickards (Felicity Smoake), John Barrowman (Malcolm Merlyn), Willa Holland (Speedy), Colton Haynes (Arsenal), Katie Cassidy (Black Canary), Michael Rowe (Deadshot), Charlotte Ross (Felicity’s mother) and Amy Gumenick (Cupid); from Flash there was Tom Cavanagh (Harrison Wells), Danielle Panabaker (Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost), Robbie Amell (Firestorm), Keiynan Lonsdale (Wally West) and Peyton List (Lisa Snart/Golden Glider); from Legends of Tomorrow, Brandon Routh (ATOM–& Superman of course), Franz Drameh (Firestorm), Ciara Renee (Hawkgirl) and Falk Hentschel (Hawkman); Gotham, Sean Pertwee (Alfred), Corey Michael Smith (Edward Nygma) and David Mazouz (Bruce Wayne); and finally, from Supergirl, Italia Ricci. That’s quite a list of people for a two day con…

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Daredevil Season 1 (2015)…

Daredevil‘Daredevil’ came along when Arrow season 3 was in full swing of not being as good as its first two series. I was eager for a superhero show high. After all, ‘Daredevil’ received lots of praise upon its arrival and all the Internet reviews I came across spoke of hungry binge-watches in a race to the finale.

As you probably know, ‘Daredevil’ follows Matt Murdoch, a blind lawyer, who is far from limited by his disability, and armed with incredible martial arts skills he takes down the criminals in his patch of New York that he can’t reach through the courts. A Netflix original series it promised a darker real-world take on a superhero vs crime story that would set it apart from the brighter and lighter Marvel cinematic installments.

My initial reactions?

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The Flash Episode 23 ‘Fast Enough’ – The Finale!

DOCTOR WHO Christmas InvasionIn this episode, the finale of the first season, Barry makes a pact with Wells–he will help Eobard get back to his own time and in the process Barry will be able to go back and save his mother. All that Barry is, and that we have seen in this series, rests on this one event. Can Barry do it?

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The Flash Episode 22 ‘Rogue Air’…

DOCTOR WHO Christmas InvasionIn the penultimate episode of the season the STAR labs gang realise that hot Eddie has been under their noses the whole time he was missing–and discover that the particle accelerator has a future thingamabob attached to it that’s going to activate it and enable Wells to get home. Vaporising the metahumans illegally held down there in the process… Thankfully the STAR labs crew, whilst not above a bit of no trial imprisonment and indeterminate sentencing, have more morals than I have, and Barry allies himself with an old enemy to save them…

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Arrow Episode 23 ‘My Name Is Oliver Queen’… (woohoo!)

DOCTOR WHO Christmas InvasionIn the season 3 finale Oliver turns the tables on Ra’s al Ghul to prevent him from releasing the virus upon Starling City. It turns out that Ra’s’ motives for destroying the city were not inspired by ceremonies of initiation for Oliver–but a strike against a rogue league member and his nemesis, Damien Dark. Oliver and the Arrow gang race to save the city–but who will save Oliver?

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The Flash Episode 21 ‘Grodd Lives!’ Review…

DOCTOR WHO Christmas Invasion

In this episode the Flash thwarts a gold heist and confronts the Rainbow Raider. Yes, really. And gets more than he’s bargained for with a psychic attack and a shock Scooby Doo mask whip off to reveal that the Rainbow Raider was someone we’re familiar with. Which was, you know, unexpected. Even more unexpected was that he was under the mind control of Grodd. Yes, that very large gorilla that has lurked in the shadows this season. Well, he’s about to come out of the dark and he is awesome. The Flash is pitted against Wells’ champion–or is Grodd just a distraction?

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