X-Files (Season 10)…

The return of the X-Files. If any series could come back for another run–and continue–this is the one. With its potential for story arcs, monster of the week, and character development in a rich and expansive world, there are lots of opportunities for stories. Hell, ‘Supernatural’ is set for at least 13 full seasons, and as much as I enjoy it, it feels like it ran its course around season 5 or 6 due to the constant retreading of angst between the brothers Winchester, not being able to let go of its larger and somewhat tired Heaven/Hell mythology, and the limited supporting cast. I’m only in it for the boys… Granted, many people consider X-Files dipped when Mulder and Scully left, but I liked Reyes and Dogget, and they pulled it together for a decent finale. However, when season 9 closed up, it did so with the promise of bad things to come–the alien colonization of Earth–and mystery in the air. It was a series set to return and season 10 almost seems overdue.

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Doctor Who Season 9… (proof that the Doctor hated Adric too)

Doctor Who 8‘Doctor Who’ should be my go to show, I’ve loved it from my days of watching the original series and for a good few years into the new series, but since mid-way through Matt Smith’s run I began to lose interest. Peter Capaldi tempted me back in, and despite his Doctor I haven’t been fully invested in it since. Did season 9 change that? It came close. So close. The first two stories were pretty good, and I liked the two part format giving us more time in each story. I shared my thoughts on them through this blog. I planned to do the same with the others. But I didn’t like them. Not only did I not want to invest my time in watching them, I didn’t want to use more of that time to write about them, and who enjoys bashing a show they once loved?!

Spoilers ahoy.

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Doctor Who The Witch’s Familiar

Doctor Who 8Doctor Who?
At the heart of Doctor Who is mystery…
Did Clara and Missy die? (again!) Did the TARDIS get destroyed? Will the Doctor be able to get him out of his Dalek pickle? Will episode 2 be as good as episode 1? These were the big questions that the cliffhanger offered us last episode…

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Humans (2015) & Do Real Humans Dream Of Electric Sexbots?

Humans_Series_IntertitleHumans was a Channel 4 drama set in a world of the near future where synthetic human androids are widely available for menial and domestic work. These aren’t skeletal plastic and metal robots, no shining silver or gold–they look like us, but with that Apple perfection going on. Yet, they don’t act like us, they bridge the uncanny valley in looking like us, but have a British politeness over a Vulcan logic and coldness.

Humans follows one suburban family as the father, Joe, brings a synth into their home for the first time to ease the domestic burden that comes from his overworked and often absent wife, Laura. Laura initially resents their synth, Mia, when it replaces and surpasses her in the home, and then paranoia sets in as Mia comes between her and her children. Laura begins to suspect Mia isn’t all that she seems to be, but Mia isn’t the only synth with a secret–one that could risk civilization as we know it…

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Penny Dreadful Season 2 (2015)


‘Penny Dreadful’ season 1 was a perfect little curiosity. A series of character studies of classic fictional characters hung together within a sumptuously Gothic story of Victorian horror. Was it perfect? No. While it did give us some great characters, it didn’t quite deliver a central narrative strong enough to define it as a whole. Was it good TV? No. It was an awesome bit of TV. My love of ‘Dracula’, ‘Sherlock Holmes’ and my own Victorian Gothic horror; ‘The Darkwood Mysteries‘, had me hooked on every episode from it’s bloody beginnings to it’s bloody end. But… season 2. I was trying to keep those hopes reined in.

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Daredevil Season 1 (2015)…

Daredevil‘Daredevil’ came along when Arrow season 3 was in full swing of not being as good as its first two series. I was eager for a superhero show high. After all, ‘Daredevil’ received lots of praise upon its arrival and all the Internet reviews I came across spoke of hungry binge-watches in a race to the finale.

As you probably know, ‘Daredevil’ follows Matt Murdoch, a blind lawyer, who is far from limited by his disability, and armed with incredible martial arts skills he takes down the criminals in his patch of New York that he can’t reach through the courts. A Netflix original series it promised a darker real-world take on a superhero vs crime story that would set it apart from the brighter and lighter Marvel cinematic installments.

My initial reactions?

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