Humans (2015) & Do Real Humans Dream Of Electric Sexbots?

Humans_Series_IntertitleHumans was a Channel 4 drama set in a world of the near future where synthetic human androids are widely available for menial and domestic work. These aren’t skeletal plastic and metal robots, no shining silver or gold–they look like us, but with that Apple perfection going on. Yet, they don’t act like us, they bridge the uncanny valley in looking like us, but have a British politeness over a Vulcan logic and coldness.

Humans follows one suburban family as the father, Joe, brings a synth into their home for the first time to ease the domestic burden that comes from his overworked and often absent wife, Laura. Laura initially resents their synth, Mia, when it replaces and surpasses her in the home, and then paranoia sets in as Mia comes between her and her children. Laura begins to suspect Mia isn’t all that she seems to be, but Mia isn’t the only synth with a secret–one that could risk civilization as we know it…

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Penny Dreadful Season 2 (2015)


‘Penny Dreadful’ season 1 was a perfect little curiosity. A series of character studies of classic fictional characters hung together within a sumptuously Gothic story of Victorian horror. Was it perfect? No. While it did give us some great characters, it didn’t quite deliver a central narrative strong enough to define it as a whole. Was it good TV? No. It was an awesome bit of TV. My love of ‘Dracula’, ‘Sherlock Holmes’ and my own Victorian Gothic horror; ‘The Darkwood Mysteries‘, had me hooked on every episode from it’s bloody beginnings to it’s bloody end. But… season 2. I was trying to keep those hopes reined in.

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Defending The Iron Throne…

wpid-game-of-thrones-season-3-1.jpg.jpegWith Game of Thrones back on the box I usually read and hear interactions along the lines of ‘DID YOU SEE THRONES!’ and ‘OMFG EVERYBODY DIED!’ and generally people losing their sh*t over the writers’ cunning and evilness. However, this year there been quite a bit if negativity. Is Thrones no longer the golden boy? Is it ‘dull’? Has it gone too far?

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‘The Enfield Haunting’ Reflection…


Sky’s latest drama is a three-part dramatisation of the infamous London haunting of the 70s. A story of a family seemingly troubled by a poltergeist. A mother and four children confused and frightened by what they are going through, courted by the press, and supported by paranormal investigators, yet surrounded with suspicion and doubt–particularly aimed at Janet–one of the children at the centre of the occurrences.

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The Flash Episode 17 ‘The Tricksters’ Review…

DOCTOR WHO Christmas InvasionIn ‘The Tricksters’ a would-be super-villain is terrorising Central City, copying a villain who has been imprisoned in Iron Heights for 20 years–The Trickster. And Barry is fully on board the Wells-is-the-big-bad bus, but can’t give the game away–which is easier said than done when the said big-bad killed your mom and left your dad to take the blame, in what was a really enjoyable episode.
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Gundam 00 (2007) Review…

Just recently my other half has gotten into making Gundam model kits by Bandai. Gundam are giant robot mechsuits worn by humans to fight one another. What’s not to like about that?! Chances are that if you’ve seen ‘Transformers’ or ‘Starfleet’ (I loved that show when I was a kid!) you’ll be pretty familiar with what a Gundam looks like. He wanted to check out the Gundam anime that the models came from, and found that it had been running in various different series since 1979… Impressive legacy. But ‘Gundam 00’ 2010 was recommended as the most accessible so we gave it a go…

Was it any good? In a couple of weeks we had watched both seasons of it. And the movie which gives the series one last hurrah. Yeah–it was good! It’s a sci-fi tale set on a global scale, a complex story of an organisation trying to bring peace to the world–by targeting any government or terrorist group that has a part in war.

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