A New Tale for The Darkwood Mysteries–Out Now!

The Rat King (short story)

Board members of a charity suffer tragic ends. Where others see unfortunate coincidence, Darkwood suspects murder most strange—death through the mischief of rats… Have rats turned upon London, or is someone or something behind the attacks?

A brand new tale for winter 2020! 60+ pages of mystery available NOW on the Amazon Kindle for 99p/c!

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The Darkwood Mysteries News…

‘The Darkwood Mysteries’ have a new look, a new tale, and the first five have the new price of FREE, paving the way for ten more tales due for release in 2021.

Check the current titles out now on Amazon for Kindle.

Emily Darkwood is already resisting Victorian society’s expectations of her as a woman of the upper classes, when she receives a strange and life-changing inheritance in the wake of her missing parents. A stone of amber that draws her into mysteries, supernatural, cosmic, and criminal. Armed with this guide stone, her wits, revolver, sword-stick umbrella, and faithful servant-companion, the streetwise, scrappy, and young Jack Hobbs, she determines to challenge the mysteries and threats she encounters in her search to understand the power of the stone, its connection to her parents, and their fates. Yet dark forces conspire against her, and her drive for answers and her fight against the darkness of the world risks her friends, family, her fought for studies in medicine and surgery, and herself.

The current run of 10 Darkwood and Hobbs encounter a killer with a grizzly signature mutilation; a family haunted by a phantom and a secret; strange marks with a frightening and dangerous source; a villain set upon the destruction of Empire; a supernatural threat to men who love men; a mummy stalking the streets of London; a friend fallen prey to the assault of a witch; members of a charitable board being killed by rats; a creature that lurks between fear and madness; and a conspiracy from the past that threatens the future through the machinations of the Hellfire Club, agents of darkness—and the Devil.

Think Sherlock Holmes meets the X-Files with a strong-female lead and a close friendship between the main characters. There’s mystery, action, crime, horror, and humour; criminals, vampires, killers, ghosts, witches, cults, cosmic forces, monsters and conspiracies to be found within the pages of The Darkwood Mysteries.

The Darkwood Mysteries is a non-linear series of short-stories, novellas, and novels which can be enjoyed as standalone tales of horror and adventure, or together as part of a deeper mystery—jump in on any tale to join Darkwood and Hobbs in their pursuits!